Environment, Health & Safety

The main objective of our Environmental Health and Safety policy is to ensure that the safety of all our workers is promoted so that there are no incidents or accidents. We recognise that most (if not all) accidents can be prevented thereby realizing a zero LTI (Lost time injury) throughout all our operations. EGMF therefore seeks to carry out all its activities in a manner that ensures all injuries to the workers and everyone involved in the project’s activities are avoided. 

EGMF recognizes that the integrity of environmental resources need to be safeguarded carefully for their posterity as they provide the base medium to which any meaningful development takes place. In this regard, we work towards the realization of sustainable development in a manner that seeks to promote a clean, safe and healthy environment.


The EGMF Environmental, Health and safety policy ensures that a safe working performance is enhanced by:
  • Training all the employees on the requirements of health and safety through adequate safe work procedures
  • Complying with all legal legislations governing the management of health, safety and environment including the OSHA 2007, WIBA 2007, EMCA 1999 and EIA/EA 2003 and other related legislations put in place to manage the safety of workers,
  • Allocation of adequate financial resources for the management of health and safety at the workplace
  • Conducting frequent audit inspections for the purpose of correcting any unsafe conditions
  • Promoting a clean and healthy environment that ensure that the integrity of the natural resources is enhanced
  • Ensuring that even tasks that have urgent deadlines are carried out safely.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among all employees and encouraging them to work in environmental friendly manners through training, education and information that relay messages of environmental issues
  • Operating in ways that seek to reduce, reuse and recycle all waste generated and to seek alternatives to any processes that are harmful to the environment
The specific objectives of the EGMF Environmental, Health and Safety Policy are to:
  • Ensure that a healthy and safe working environment is established and maintained in all activities
  • Protection of the environment by proper handling of all hazardous waste
  • Timely accident and incident reporting for right and procedural investigation
  • The establishment of EHS committees at every working location for proper coordination between the management and the employees so as to achieve the EHS standards put in place.
  • Limitation of employee negligence in regards to matters of EHS that would lead to accidents causation.



EGMF construction crew at work wearing recommended safety equipment.



If you have any questions, concerns about our health and safety policies, or notice any lack of compliance by any of our workers, please contact us via our online feedback form.