Energy Projects

Kenya, just as the rest of the world faces challenges of how to respond to climate change and ensure sustainable development; Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is part of the Kyoto report towards the mitigation of global warming.

EGMF-Kenya is very keen to play a role in projects that are part of response to climatic challenges. As a civil works contractor, we are involved in installation of wind masts and wind turbines.
We have included some of the projects we have undertaken in this area.

  1. Ngong Hills Wind Farm
    We installed 5 wind masts in Ngong Hills (30km west of Nairobi), to create Kenya's first grid connected wind farm.
  2. Marsabit Wind Farm
    Another wind farm we erected in Marsabit.
  3. 65m High Wind Mast at Corner Baridi, Ngong Hills
    We installed a 65m high Guyed Lattice Tower wind mast in Corner Baridi, Ngong Hills.
  4. 80m High Wind Mast at Bubisa, Marsabit
    Another wind mast we installed at Bubisa, Marsabit. This time, an 80m high Guyed Lattice Tower.
  5. Relocation of a 50m High Wind Mast in Marsabit
    We dismantled and relocated a 50m high wind mast in Marsabit.


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